We wish to thank our sponsors for all their support. Without them, the International Sauvignon Blanc Celebration would not have been possible.

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ABOUT OUR SPONSORS........ Fruitfed Supplies

Fruitfed Supplies has been providing technical support and advice to the New Zealand viticulture industry for 100 years. Our technical team use their knowledge and experience to offer an unbeatable combination of value and service to help growers succeed here and internationally. 

“The International Sauvignon Blanc Celebration fits well with our strategy to partner with key industry events which demonstrably support the growth and development of their industry sector,” says Max Spence, Fruitfed Supplies national manager. “In turn, these events support the growth and development of our customers’ businesses which is why we invest heavily in supporting these key events.”

Max adds: “Sauvignon Blanc makes up a large percentage of most New Zealand wine regions, not just Marlborough and with 86% of Marlborough’s wine production dedicated to this variety, its successful promotion in international markets is clearly of great importance to our customers, and therefore to us.

Nothing pleases us more than supporting the 2016 Sauvignon Blanc Celebration – it’s just one way to celebrate the excellent work our wine growers and makers are doing.


At ANZ we've been supporting Kiwi customers and communities since 1840. Today we are New Zealand's largest financial institution and hold a relationship with nearly one in two Kiwis. Beyond New Zealand and Australia, ANZ is the fourth largest pan-Asian bank and offers integrated solutions across Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America.

We have Relationship Managers who are wine specialists and are connected to our teams throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia-Pacific and beyond. That means when you want to do business in another market, we can support you through our contacts and insights, and with our web based cross–regional cash management platform, ANZ Transactive.

New Zealand has a reputation as a world-class Food & Beverage producer, much of this underpinned by our success with Sauvignon Blanc.

ANZ is delighted to support The International Sauvignon Blanc Celebration. We recognise the importance of this wine to New Zealand and see this inaugural showcase event as an integral part of ongoing global success.

To find out more about ANZ's industry insights visit: https://comms.anz.co.nz/barometer-reports/article/index.html

O-I New Zealand

O-I New Zealand is the nation's only glass wine bottle manufacturer. They are dedicated to supporting New Zealand's renowned wine industry and driving new wine bottle innovations.

To help the wine industry grow and develop both domestic and export markets, they offer a wide range of wine bottles featuring either screw cap or cork mouth closures.

O-I New Zealand continues to develop lightweight wine bottle options which are designed to minimise packaging but retain the premium look and feel of New Zealand wines.

O-I New Zealand has been a proud partner of New Zealand's wine industry and their sponsorship of Sauvignon 2016 is another example of their wide spread support for the wine industry.


J F Hillebrand

Since 1844 JF Hillebrand has been dedicated to the efficient and cost-effective logistics of beverages. Today more than 1,800 professionals in 46 offices all over the world put that experience to work for their clients, by taking care of the smooth flow of beverages day after day.

They are now the world’s leading logistics provider to the global beverage industry. In New Zealand JF Hillebrand has been assisting winemakers deliver award-winning wines to markets around the world. Through their association with New Zealand Winegrowers they support the development and recognition of New Zealand wines throughout the world.


Born and bred in Melbourne, Australia, the process of designing Plumm was an amazing experience for the young Plumm team. We are proud to be the first wine style-specific Australian glassware brand producing the highest quality in crystal and unbreakable glassware.

The right glassware can mean the difference between a good glass of wine and a great one. Like listening to great music requires the right acoustics, great wine needs the right glass to show you everything it has to offer. The Plumm story is one of simplicity, of balance, of elegance and ultimately of pleasure. This is glassware designed for living – not for keeping high up in your cupboard, not for wheeling out on special occasions, or treating like they’re the last glasses you’re ever going to own. As far as we’re concerned that means functional, practical glassware for each and every time you raise a glass of wine to your lips. We hope you’ll love them.



Tonnellerie Ermitage is a family-run cooperage located in La Charité-sur-Loire in the center of France. 100 per cent vertically integrated, the cooperage has complete control of all steps of the production process from tree felling to barrel production.  

Each Ermitage barrel is custom made to the specifications of the individual client and crafted using stave-wood from a selection of five single forests that have been mindfully seasoned for 24 months or longer in the natural outdoor environment of our own stave yards in the heart of the Bertranges forest.  

The cooperage embraces a unique steam bending technique during barrel production which helps to eliminate any remaining harsh tannins while gently opening the pores of the wood to allow for a deeper penetration and integration of the toasting process. The subtle steaming approach also allows for an elongated and lighter toasting regime to better preserve and respect the beauty of the fruit.  

Tonnellerie Ermitage offers a full range of barrels and tanks in a variety of sizes and formats and is committed to providing exceptional continuity in quality, traceability, and sustainability.  


Bayleys | Gala Dinner Sponsor

Many great businesses start as a family business, and have been built on core values, reputation, vision, and commitment. Bayleys is one of them, exhibiting strong foundations, unique staying power, and evolving as an enduring enterprise to be enjoyed by future generations. Today they are New Zealand’s only full service real estate company across all disciplines, and this strong niche market performer now a family of more than 1,270, with 68 offices throughout New Zealand and Fiji.

Bayleys Marlborough is proud to be locally owned and operated, with offices in Blenheim, Kaikoura and Picton. Specialising in Residential, Country, Lifestyle, Viticulture, Waterfront, and Commercial Properties, we are a close team of award winning individuals committed to creating this same high-level, long-term business strategy. Through aligning ourselves with the entrepreneurial culture of a family management team, we are diverse yet cohesive, and provide our clients with a unique qualitative and competitive edge.


Marlborough District Council

The Marlbrough District Council works with our community to maximise economic growth opportunities for the region. The wine industry and tourism are two very important financial contributors to our local economy. Marlborough is world famous for Sauvignon Blanc and we are pleased to support Sauvignon 2016.



ICIB are wine industry insurance specialists and, under the Gold Medal Vintage Insurance brand, provide a suite of insurance products designed specifically for the New Zealand wine industry.

All products are underwritten by leading New Zealand based insurers to provide protection against risks unique to this dynamic local industry.

ICIB has been providing innovative insurance solutions to the New Zealand wine industry for more than 25 years.

ICIB focuses on offering excellent service and in-depth industry knowledge to wine industry clients and is proud to support Sauvignon 2016.”


Adhesif Labels

Adhesif Labels was established in Auckland in 1981. Eight years later our Australian operation began in Sydney. Still proudly family-owned we employ 130 people across both manufacturing sites. An ongoing research, development and investment programme ensures that the best quality label is delivered at the most competitive price.

Over the ensuring years the beverage secto, in particular the wine sector, have both been large growth areas. We understand fine wine should be presented in a premium package and be able to stand out in a crowded market place. That’s why we take care to create labels that do justice to the contents within.

As a company Adhesif Labels has been prepared to invest in the Industry through various sponsorships. Pinot 2013, Pinot 2017, Aromatic Symposium 2013, Marlborough Wine Weekend 2009, 2011, 2013 and the annual Marlborough Wine Options.  We are pleased to continue this with our association with Sauvignon 2016.


Marlborough Lines

Marlborough Lines is a company whose shares are held by the Marlborough Electric Power Trust on behalf of the consumers of the day.

The company is proud of our long history in New Zealand – nearly 90 years of being at the heart of Marlborough. We support a wide range of community and regional events and are proud to sponsor Sauvignon 2016 and to support the Marlborough and New Zealand wine industry.


Crown Sheet Metal

Crown Sheetmetal are specialists in designing and manufacturing stainless steel vessels for the wine, dairy and food processing industries.  Originating in Invercargill, Crown has been in business since 1974 and joined the NDA Group in early 2008. Since then, it’s expanded to incorporate two workshops in Blenheim, giving it a presence throughout the South Island – and a base in one of New Zealand’s premium wine-growing regions.

Crown can produce tanks to virtually any dimensions, with optional glycol cooling and insulation. Tank sizes range from 2,500 litres to 540,000 litres and can be either plinth-mounted or free-standing. A team of skilled designers and draughters work closely with their fabricators, welders and polishers to ensure that projects are delivered to the highest standard.




New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) is the Government’s international business development agency, helping to boost global reach and build capability so our companies can grow bigger, better, faster.

We leverage our connections and government influence on behalf of businesses, and apply local knowledge – from the NZTE team and a network of private sector experts – to help them enter and grow in international markets. 

We also link businesses with services designed to build the capability they need to be successful. 


Tourism New Zealand

New Zealand is marketed as a "clean, green" adventure playground . Tourism New Zealand's main marketing slogan, 100% Pure New Zealand, reflects this positioning. The New Zealand wine industry work closely with Tourism New Zealand in all markets and our world-class wines are a key part of the New Zealand brand story.

Tourism NZ is proud to be a part of Sauvignon 2016.



WineWorks are a national bottling company investing in the future of this country's wine industry, providing service, value, industry commitment and expertise to New Zealand's many different wineries.

Our investment in supplying infrastructure to our wine industry continues with warehouses, new technology and new bottling plants, and ensures that our customers are deeply embedded into the supply chain, in close connection with all dry goods suppliers and export ports.



KiwiRail is a New Zealand Government-owned Enterprise which owns and operates New Zealand's rail transportation network and the between-Island ferry service. We are in the business of operating and optimising public transportation and supply chain networks to enable New Zealand's economic growth.

We are pleased to be a part of the scenic train trip to Kekerengu and The Store and to be a sponsor of Sauvignon 2016.



Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology is the place for a world-class education. NMIT is a NZQA Category 1 institute (the highest possible) where you can study among renowned, award-winning buildings, guided by industry-savvy tutors and the latest technologies, studying with students from around the globe - all leading to internationally respected qualifications. NMIT is actively involved in the local wine industry and provide Viticulture & Winemaking courses as part of their study options.

We are very pleased to be a part of Sauvignon 2016.



For the past 40 years, Panprint Labels has been producing New Zealand’s finest labels.

We have proven coatings and labels stocks that perform to the high expectations

of the wine industry. We have invested substantially in the latest technology, ensuring we maintain the highest standards.

Panprint Labels is delighted to confirm our support and sponsorship of the Sauvignon 2016 Celebration.


Ora King Salmon

When aspiring to culinary excellence, not all salmon are created equal. Ōra King salmon is the best of our unique breed of King salmon, nurtured throughout their lifecycle to ensure the finest results.

Ōra King are sustainably raised in the cool, deep sea waters of the pristine Marlborough Sounds of New Zealand. We are proud to sponsor Ōra King salmon for the Marlborough based Sauvignon 2016 festival, Ōra King salmon and fine wine are a perfect match.


Cloudy Bay Clams

Cloudy Bay Clams are the pioneers of an exciting new fishery in New Zealand, the harvesting of wild, native surf clams from the pristine waters of coastal New Zealand.

Based in Marlborough at the top of New Zealand’s South Island, we harvest our surf clams from Cloudy Bay in Marlborough and Pegasus Bay in Canterbury. We are proud to be showcasing our surf clams at the inaugural Sauvignon 2016 in Marlborough.


Silver Fern Farms

Silver Fern Farms is New Zealand’s leading processor, marketer and exporter of premium quality lamb, beef, venison and associated products to more than 60 countries around the globe.

The company  has been supplying the world for over 75 years with the best quality red meat New Zealand has to offer. Silver Fern Farms premium products feature on menus at some of our country's top eating establishments including many winery restaurants and cafes. We are also New Zealand’s second largest primary sector exporter.

Silver Fern Farms mission is  to create the world’s best red meat experiences. And every one of us goes to great lengths to make the difference. We are proud to support the Culinary Programme at the  inaugural Sauvignon 2016.



Antipodes is fine New Zealand artesian water, offering the highest degree of purity and subtle minerality. Bottled at source from an aquifer 327 metres deep, it is unaltered from its natural origins and offers a zero carbon footprint from its source to the dining table anywhere in the world. The perfect companion for fine wine and cuisine, at every occasion


Uncle Joe's Walnuts

Uncle Joe’s is a family business located on the outskirts of Blenheim. We crack hazelnuts and walnuts daily and distribute our award-winning quality products around New Zealand. We partner with a cold pressing company to extend our hazelnut and walnut oil range. We also market many New Zealand grown seed oils including coriander seed, kiwifruit seed and mustard seed. Uncle Joe's is proud to be a part of the